Terms of use/Privacy Policy

Terms of use

By booking a driving lesson with ALLEN DRIVING TUITION, you agree to the following "Terms of use."

Legal requirements to drive a car in the UK.

You will need to hold a valid driving licence. (full or provisional) You will need to pass a eyesight check by reading a vehicle number plate from a distance of 20 metres. (with glasses or contact lenses if necessary)


You will need to pay the agreed driving lesson fee by cash or bank transfer before the training starts.
If paying by cash, this is payable at the start of the lesson and if paying by bank transfer, this is required 24 hours before the training.
A driving lesson fee is payable for the use of the car for the driving test and any practice before at the usual price.

Special needs or disabilities

You need to make ALLEN DRIVING TUITION aware of any special needs or disabilities you have.

Changes or cancellations to booked driving lessons

If you need to change or cancel driving lessons, at least 24 hours notice is required. ALLEN DRIVING TUITION reserve the right to charge you part of the lesson fee if you change or cancel a lesson giving less than 24 hours notice.
If you have booked a driving lesson and you are not at your home address or prearranged meeting point without changing or cancelling the lesson, the whole lesson fee must be paid before any further training will be offered.
If cancelling driving lessons frequently with less than 24 hours notice, ALLEN DRIVING TUITION reserve the right to withdraw training.

Fitness to drive

For safety reasons, ALLEN DRIVING TUITION reserve the right to cancel a driving lesson if it is suspected you are under the influence of alcohol and or drugs.
Please check any medication that you are taking allows you to drive.
Please wear appropriate footwear and clothing.
Threatening or abusive behaviour will not be tolerated.

ALLEN DRIVING TUITION is committed to protecting your privacy and maintaining the security of any personal information given by you.

This statement is to explain to you, what personal information is collected and how it may be used.

The following information will be collected:

  • Full name and address.
  • Contact numbers ie. mobile and landline.
  • Current age, date and country of birth.
  • Driver licence number including valid from and to, category and information codes.
  • Any driving convictions.
  • Email address.
  • Place of work and or study.
  • Any special needs and or disabilities.
  • Any medication your taking which may affect your driving.

ALLEN DRIVING TUITION needs this information to provide you with driving tuition and to contact you when necessary by phone, address and email.
You will only be contacted to arrange, change and discuss driving lessons and tests.

Your personal information with ALLEN DRIVING TUITION is confidential and will only be kept for the time you are receiving driver training. This information will not be sold to any third party for commercial reasons and will be destroyed upon completion of your driving lessons and or driving tests.

The payment methods offered by ALLEN DRIVING TUITION for driver training are by cash or bank transfer only. Your bank account details are not given to ALLEN DRIVING TUITION when paying by bank transfer, so no details are kept.

If you have any questions about ALLEN DRIVING TUITION Privacy Policy, please contact Nigel Allen A.D.I. on (01483) 235555.

This Privacy Policy applies to ALLEN DRIVING TUITION only.

Drive safely with pride and confidence, knowing your getting the very best driving tuition and get ahead of the rest.

Please don't hesitate to contact us as we will be pleased to help in any way we can.